Operational and tactical automation of clinical guidelines

Mindify reduces care or clinical research bureaucracy by up to 80%, in addition to minimizing fragmentation, monitoring quality and improving the financial margins of Health services with dashboards and automated forms.

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The robot generates specific forms for each of the steps in a line of care, both for medical teams and for patients. Easy to deploy, update and integrate, Mindify forms encourage structured data collection, support clinical decision-making and even automate population management, from diagnostic suspicion to outcome.

Simple deployment

Endless deployments of EMRs are a thing of the past. With Mindify, the forms are programmed by a robot and supervised by the Health Service.

Patient Integration

Patients actively participate in their journeys within the clinical guidelines, receiving various notifications in addition to automated pre or post-care assistance.

Engaged doctors and nurses

Medical teams have up to 80% reduction in bureaucracy inherent to computerization, while receiving support for decision-making in a clear and friendly way.

More money in the bank account

Health Services have better margins in any remuneration models, as automations optimize operations, balancing clinical and financial aspects.

Everything that matters in one place

Zero fragmentation of care, structured data collection with interoperability and management

Use anywhere

Mindify forms integrate seamlessly into any care routines and can be used by medical teams and patients in three ways:

  1. Autonomous (stand-alone) in the EMR or Mindify’s self-service web portal, without integration with other software;
  2. In Mindify’s EMR with data integration (via API or RPA) with any other software, such as other EMR, financial, calendar and application;
  3. Within the pre-existing (legacy) EMR of the Health service, as a visual layer in micro front-ends.

Mindify Awards and Recognitions

Hospital manager, operator, public health department or clinical research center

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Health references recommend

Reports of experiences and satisfaction in using the solution.

"In the physicians' view, Mindify allows the gathering of structured data in a intuitive, while guiding the most appropriate conduct for the patient."

Dr. Thiago Jorge - Hospital Alemão Oswaldo Cruz
Dr. Thiago Jorge
Clinical oncologist, coordinator of the Gastrointestinal Tumors Group and focal point for innovation in Oncology - Hospital Alemão Oswaldo Cruz

"Mindify brought to Moinhos de Vento more assertiveness in the medical diagnosis and a huge contribution to research. It's certainly a company differentiated and deserves all the recognition"

Dr. Sheila Cristina Ouriques Martins
Head of the Department of Neurology and Neurosurgery - Hospital Moinhos de Vento

"At Bayer, we believe in the potential that innovation and digital transformation have to solve problems and make life easier for doctors, patients and the industry as a whole. The technology developed by Mindify brings something very important for us: it benefits, at the same time, all these audiences, in addition to optimizing the functioning of private and public health networks."

Mirella Damaso Vieira
Innovation Manager - Bayer Pharmaceuticals

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