An innovative trajectory

Health in DNA

André Ramos, founder of Mindify, and his brother, have always been instigated to think about Health by their father, a biology teacher in public schools. And so it was. His brother became a doctor and André chose Computer Engineering, thinking of its application in medicine. Already in the first semesters of the course, he joined a scientific initiation in the Applied Health Computing group and then did several experiments, published articles, and did his final paper in applied computing in the area.

André believed that Preventive Health would be where he could make the biggest socio-economic impact, so he joined friends to start venturing into technologies for Sports to encourage healthy living habits. It was then that he founded the company Requisito Tecnologia, in 2007, while still an undergraduate student. At the time the terms “startup” and “corporate innovation” were virtually unknown.

His early experiences in research and entrepreneurship qualified him to enter the Master’s Degree program at the Department of Biomedical Engineering at UNICAMP, a Latin American reference in Health R&D. In the Masters Degree André had the opportunity to study medical subjects such as human physiology and rehabilitation, and was educated about the real challenges of hospitals. In parallel, he also participated in numerous entrepreneurship actions in partnership with his professors and the INOVA-UNICAMP agency.

Challenges and risks of entrepreneurship

In 2010, with his master’s degree already completed, André was able to dedicate himself to Requisito Tecnologia, which began to operate in fact. The company was then selected by the CEI – Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center of the Federal University of Goiás (state of Brazil), and started its journey in the sports segment with a software program for the automation of Physical Evaluation protocols, which was acquired by more than three thousand gyms, nutrition clinics, and self-employed professionals, still in CD media.

Realizing the opportunities for innovation due to the Soccer World Cup and the Olympic Games to be held in Brazil, Requisito invested everything it could to prepare itself, and won a public bid called GECopa, from the Ministry of Sports.

The project’s goal was to make software available to public schools that offered a series of physical, neuromotor, and even genetic evaluation tests to identify the sporting potential of children. Thus, a portion of the children could be directed to high performance sports, while others could be referred to sports that have more aptitude for quality of life purposes.

The company’s goal was to leave a significant legacy for Brazil due to the great sporting events, but there was a budget cut by the public administrators and the bid was canceled. Requisito Tecnologia was then left with the losses and a demotivated team, without perspectives. Quitting came close to happening.

Vision and partnership that changed everything

The motivation to restart the activities came with the invitation to participate in a business acceleration process carried out by a renowned accelerator.

André, while still an undergraduate, had identified that even elite hospitals had difficulty encouraging their clinical staff to collect robust data. With the acceleration, he decided to look for solutions to this problem not solved even by the largest IT companies in the world.

He went in search of a new partner with complementary skills to his own. It then brought a former scholarship holder from Requisito Tecnologia, Daniel Lucena, then a Master and now a PhD in Artificial Intelligence (AI), to act as a researcher and make the bridge between Mindify and the centers of excellence in training human resources in IT and applied research.

With renewed energy, a new team and a new purpose, in 2017 the company “pivoted” to invest primarily in Medicine. That’s when Requisito Tecnologia changed its name, and started to be called Mindify, the same name as its software.

Together, André and Daniel have formed several partnerships with renowned doctors and nurses, and with research centers, from which they have created a series of deep tech innovations that today make Mindify unique and impact millions of people.

Victory Story

Mindify is currently one of the most awarded healthtechs in Brazil, and has already secured investments of more than R$10 million. It also has reference clients in its portfolio, such as Hospital das Clínicas de São Paulo (public hospital), Moinhos de Vento Hospital (private hospital), Clínicas Amor Saúde (private clinic network), Cerner Enviza, Bayer, several Unimeds (private health insurance companies), and many more.

Competence, partnership and focus

Leadership that makes a difference

André P. Ramos

Master's degree in Biomedical Engineering from UNICAMP and Computer Engineer from PUC-GO. He is currently CEO of Mindify and an activist for Open Innovation. He has participated in the elaboration and execution of dozens of award-winning projects as a consultant and as a manager. Among the awards are the FINEP Innovation Award, the official recognition from the Ministry of Sports, as well as awards from Bayer, 100 Open Startups, and international recognitions such as in Tokyo by NTT Data and Plug & Play Japan.

Daniel V. Lucena

PhD and Master in Artificial Intelligence (AI) from UFG and Computer Engineer from PUC-GO. He is currently a university professor and researcher at Mindify. He has extensive experience as manager of IT teams having coordinated the certification of the then Requisito Tecnologia, now Mindify, in MPS-Br. He has coordinated the creation of several successful software projects and for over 10 years has been doing applied research in computational mathematics with emphasis on automated disease diagnosis using AI.

Recognition that motivates

A history full of recognized innovations

Partnership with CEIA - UFG

Partnership with CEIA - UFG to invest in innovations to help medical teams apply clinical guidelines on a large scale.

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Winner of GSK challenge

Winner of the GSK challenge for automating clinical guidelines for severe asthma.

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2nd place Healthetchs 100 Open Startups

Second place in the 100 Open Startups 2022 ranking in the Healthtech category.

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2nd place Healthctecs 100 Open Startups

Second place among the startups that did the most business in Healthcare in 2021, according to the 100 Open Startups ranking.

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1st place Bayer competition

First place in Bayer's open innovation competition with the theme "Intelligent Diagnosis".

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Approved in the Technologies 4.0 FINEP Innovation bid

Approval in FINEP's Technologies 4.0 innovation bid, focusing on the creation of protocols to combat chronic diseases.

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5th place Healthctecs 100 Open Startups

Fifth place in the ranking 100 Open Startups 2020 in the Health vertical.

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Selected in Johnson & Johnson's open innovation programme

Selection in Johnson & Johnson's open innovation program with the theme "VBHC".

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Selected by the Government of the State of São Paulo for a solution to combat COVID-19

Selected by the São Paulo State Government for large-scale COVID-19 combat.

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Approved in the COVID-19 FINEP Innovation bid

Approval in FINEP's innovation bid Startups and EBT Covid19: Innovative technological solutions for COVID-19, focusing on the creation of protocols to combat COVID-19.

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1st place in the FAPEG/FINEP's TECNOVA II innovation call

First place in the FAPEG/FINEP's TECNOVA II innovation bid, focusing on improvements in Mindify's protocol automation engine.

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Contract with individual Unimed companies for screening of patients with COVID-19

Contract with 35 individual Unimed brazilian health insurance companies to combat COVID-19, led by UNIMED-FESP.

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Funding from the Government of England

Funding a project for early diagnosis of rare lung diseases through the Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF).

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2nd place worldwide at the Open Innovation Context in Tokyo

First place in Brazil and second place worldwide in the innovation contest for Healthcare of the Japanese multinational NTT DATA held in Tokyo.

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Sebrae/Anbiotec award for the best startup for Health

Best startup award for Healthcare from SEBRAE and ANBIOTEC at the Hospitalar Fair.

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Selected for the Unimed-BH open innovation programme

Selection for the open innovation program of the brazilian health insurance company, UNIMED-BH (Belo Horizonte/MG).

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3rd place in the innovation award of Roche Pharmaceuticals

Third place in the Roche Pharmaceuticals Innovation Award.

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Mindify talks about lung cancer and artificial intelligence in the US

I-ELCAP events bring together leading doctors, researchers and other professionals dedicated to the fight against lung cancer.

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