The ultimate solution for adopting and managing clinical guidelines

Mindify uses a low-code robot to create forms that encourage structured data gathering and then validate them, suggests diagnostic hypotheses and reduces bureaucracy. It also promotes population management with dashboards, automated communications, and interoperability.

Simplicity is what sets us apart

Mindify forms are simple and powerful, interactive and intuitive to the point of engaging medical teams and patients who generate structured clinical data like never before. Good quality data enable clinical management and health integration.

Robot Mindy

Creates and updates assistance forms and rules in a semi-automated (low-code) way.


They engage users by adapting to the different clinical phases of care.


They eliminate assistance bureaucracy, such as prescriptions, discharges and communications.


They suggest diagnostic hypotheses and procedures to confirm diagnosis and treat.


They point out possible care errors or clinical data recording errors.

Management dashboard

Shows the population with their respective clinical status within the clinical guideline.


Exchange data between software avoiding rework and encouraging continuity of care.


Summarizes the patient's clinical history facilitating continuity of care.


Screens adapt to any devices, that is, they are responsive for the best usability.

Structured and qualified clinical data collection at all stages

Forms generated by a robot from flowcharts made by the Health services themselves encourage structured and qualified collection of clinical data across the entire clinical guideline.

Care teams: collect structured clinical data in clicks and then enable various automations. Time spent on assistance bureaucracy drops by up to 80% and quality increases.

Patients: participate in their journeys by accessing their medical records, in addition to being able to fill out self-service questionnaires to receive suggestions for different conducts.

Mindify can export and import data with any software

Use the forms within Mindify’s own EMR or integrate these forms into your pre-existing EMR, as well as any other software, such as administrative, calendars, mobile apps, labs and more. Thus, your Health service obtains gains in care routines, without rework and without interfering with administrative, operational and billing routines.

Integrate for free via API or use any buses or RPAs.

Clinical assistance:
features for medical teams

features for the patient

Reduce care costs, measure outcomes and engage patients with a self-service portal integrated into the clinical guidelines configured by the Health service. Each patient action on the portal generates an automated action or alert to the medical team.

Mindy makes the difference

Projects, which in other software would not even be possible or would take months, are done in a few days with the help of the low-code encoder robot, Mindy.

It works like this: the Health service draws its own lines of care in flowcharts within Mindify, then the Mindy robot codes (programs) all the forms, both those directed to the care team and those intended for patients. At the end, the Health service performs a formal procedure for verifying and validating Mindy’s work and, finally, the forms are ready for use.

Recognized innovation

Solution recognized by national and international awards and by high impact innovation development and business acceleration programs.

Information security and availability

Mindify is a web software that adheres to data protection legislation and has a horizontally scalable architecture, protected by modern information security tools and thus serves any volume of users with 99.99% availability of the time.


Computing power is horizontally scalable to support increased workload by increasing the number of servers and balancing the workload across all.


Data and application servers hosted in a redundant multicloud cluster, in Brazil and the USA, provided by AWS and Google Cloud. Both services adhere to LGPD and HIPAA and, therefore, can receive Health data from Brazilians according to current legislation.

Data protection

Software services complying with the General Data Protection Law (LGPD) and protected by antivirus, firewall, among other modern cyber security protections.


Adhering to ANVISA (Brazil) EMRs rules, in particular offering software services to assist in the mandatory verification and validation process of EMR automations before use.

Encryption and backup

All traffic data, as well as data stored in production and in backup are encrypted with the AES-256 protocol. Backups are performed in real-time across multiple instances.

Access control

Data is password protected and all operations are logged and monitored for auditing and intrusion prevention purposes.

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