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Mindify boosts clinical guidelines adoption among medical staff and patients by providing AI-aided forms that simplify data inputs while providing real-time clinical decision support and workflow automation. Due to a proprietary low-code robot, its forms are easy to configure, update and integrate into any other software.

Simplicity is what sets us apart

Forms are a must, but the ones available in traditional EHR (Electronic Health Records), eCRF (Electronic Case Report Forms), and CRM (Customer Relations Management) are stressful for users. Mindify made ordinary forms obsolete by embedding complex clinical guidelines and operational workflows into new enhanced, easy-to-use AI-aided forms. They are easy to configure and yet deliver outstanding features to the medical staff, patients, and Healthcare providers.

Mindy low-code robot

Help medical staff configure, test, and update guidelines and workflows into interactive forms.

User interfaces

Motivate medical staff and patients by adapting themselves to each real-world need.


Process data to eliminate bureaucracies such as prescriptions, discharges, and referrals.


Provide clinical or operational decision support thru easy-to-understand messages.


Highlights non-standard data inputs to prevent clinical or operational users' mistakes.


Show clinical performance indicators to the healthcare provider's management team.


Integrate data to/from any other software to avoid rework and ease processes.


Show all patients' clinical history highlights to the medical staff to foster care continuity.


Forms and other UI are responsive (adaptative) to any device screen size.

Forms are the key feature

Mindify’s main feature is its forms, where medical staff and patients can input structured data, get decision support from within the forms, and yet save up to 84% of their time due to workflow automation.

Medical staff: The medical staff gets simpler routines since the forms adapt themselves to each need of every step of the clinical guideline. These dynamics include feedback, automation, and a click-based manner to collect structured clinical data.

Patients: The patients get involved in their clinical journeys by accessing self-service forms to provide their health complaints to the healthcare providers and get some basic guidance automatically. Access to their medical records, alerts, and agendas is also available.

Healthcare provider: The Healthcare provider makes shorter and more standard journeys for both medical staff and patients. They get more engaged, so the provider enhances its service quality and profitability.

Use Mindify's forms wherever you see fit

Integrate Mindify’s forms to your current EHR, eCRF, CRM, ERP, APP, or site, so your medical staff and patients keep using their legacy software’s operational features, such as patient registration, billing, and agenda. Or update the user’s whole journey using Mindify’s forms and operational features directly at its portal.

There are two forms’ integration processes. A visual integration thru micro front-ends enables IT teams to embed Mindify’s forms into other software User Interfaces (UI). Also, data integration is available thru APIs or RPAs for full interoperability.

Operational features for the medical staff

Forms generate clinical and workflow data but demand extra operational data such as patient registration and agendas. So, Healthcare providers must provide this data by integrating their legacy software into the forms or generating new operational data directly in Mindify through its optional operational features shown below.

Self-service features for the patients

Patients can join their journeys thru forms made for them integrated into any healthcare provider’s software or directly from Mindify’s white-label self-service portal. All patient’s deeds are analyzed and can generate tasks for the provider, fostering care continuity, adhesion of treatments, quality o service, and cost management.

Mindy makes the difference

Even complex projects that in other software would not even be possible due to technical or financial issues happen in a few days due to Mindy, a proprietary low-code encoder.

It works like this: the Healthcare provider describes its clinical guidelines and workflows in flowcharts; then Mindy robot uses these flowcharts to encode (programs) all the forms. After, the provider must formally verify and validate the form’s layout, terms, and rules to release them to the medical staff and the patients.

Innovation recognized

Outstanding business accelerator programs and many Brazilian and international awards recognize Mindify’s innovation and high impact.

Information security and availability

Mindify is a web software that adheres to data protection legislation and has a horizontally scalable architecture, protected by modern information security tools and thus serves any volume of users with 99.99% availability of the time.


Computing power is horizontally scalable to support increased workload by increasing the number of servers and balancing the workload across all.


Data and application servers hosted in a redundant multicloud cluster, in Brazil and the USA, provided by AWS and Google Cloud. Both services adhere to LGPD and HIPAA and, therefore, can receive Health data from Brazilians according to current legislation.

Data protection

Software services complying with the General Data Protection Law (LGPD) and protected by antivirus, firewall, among other modern cyber security protections.


Adhering to ANVISA (Brazil) EMRs rules, in particular offering software services to assist in the mandatory verification and validation process of EMR automations before use.

Encryption and backup

All traffic data, as well as data stored in production and in backup are encrypted with the AES-256 protocol. Backups are performed in real-time across multiple instances.

Access control

Data is password protected and all operations are logged and monitored for auditing and intrusion prevention purposes.

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