The Mindify brand

The Mindify brand is represented by the word of its name, its symbol, and its typology, i.e. the typeface that forms its name.

The Mindify brand and its meanings

The Mindify name

The name Mindify appeared as an expression of varied meanings, and that represent some ideals of our brand.

Mind English word also meaning brain, reason, memory, attention, idea, opinion, intention, will, spirit, soul.

Ify is an English suffix that turns a noun into a verb, into action.

Mindify therefore could be translated (loosely) as mentalize, reason, memorize, ideate, opine, intend, desire, animate, spiritualize.

The shapes

Rounded shapes represent softness, fluidity, receptivity, and welcome, as any healthcare service should be.

The Colors

They refer to simplicity and lightness. Blue is part of the healthcare professional’s color palette, and black, a basic color, makes it easier to see and read.

The concept behind the symbol and typology

Imagine development, fructification.
Shape: leafy canopy of a tree inspired by the decision trees used in the software.

Imagine safety, security.
Shape: soldier with his helmet inspired by the protection the company offers its users.

Imagine planting, care.
Shape: person, seen from above, planting a seed/idea inspired by promoting corporate innovation.

Imagine strength and softness.
Shape: thick, rounded letters.

Imagine that in order to develop and bear fruit, it takes planting, care, and protection.
If you have imagined it, you are a mindifyer!


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